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Phase 3 Training takes pride in offering the very best firearms & preparedness courses to its students. Phase 3 Training offers a comprehensive range of training courses ranging from beginner to advanced in many different areas.
Let’s face it, if you are not comfortable doing something are you going to practice after you leave the course? Absolutely not! We realize everyone is different and our instructors utilize this mind set to empower our students to do the best they possibly can based on his or her physical ability, experience level and comfort level.
We are not the typical school that states this way or that way is the “best” and “only” way to do something, we work with you to find the best and most comfortable way for YOU to do it! We will provide you with the best options to develop your training and help you develop the proper knowledge, skills and confidence.
We specialize in helping new shooters “take those first steps” by providing quality training in a safe environment that concentrates on the 3 phases of fundamentals, those being knowledge, skills and confidence!


Awesome class! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!

Nick B., Huntington Station, NY

Thanks for a great class!

Great instructors and comfortable learning environment!

Anthony P., Nassau, NY

If you are looking for experience and knowledgeable firearms instructors Phase 3 is the place to go. The classes are not only instructional but so much fun. They teach everything from beginners rifle training to tactical training for the experienced shooters definitely check them out. Can't wait for my next class...

Lorena C., Bay Shore, NY

Hey Mike,

I want to thank you for the great time I had in the NRA Rifle course I took with you in January.

You are a gifted instructor, low pressure, easy to interact with. (And this is coming from a real shy "chicken"- maybe that's why I felt such an affinity with the girls outside) I learn best by doing and I can't emphasize enough how much the hands-on experience with so many assorted types of firearms and ammo helped build my confidence and understanding.

My range time was awesome and exhilarating! I am still on cloud 9! Your training really came through, and it was so cool to be able to try out so many different rifles to see what "fit". For everyone in class to have their own booth and instructor for the entire shoot was unexpected and another "bulls-eye" for you and Phase 3. I felt bad for the people in that other class we saw.

Thank you Mike, and Anthony, Tony and Cindy as well. (I hope I got her name right- she was so helpful to me with tips, advice, and her generosity with her 10-.22!)

I have already recommended Phase 3 to a friend and will continue to do so.

Sue M.

Great meeting you today! The training was fantastic but I wish it would go through the night even though we trained all day long, so we can do some night training as well. But that involves a lot more experience from shooters. Another day!

Regarding the pictures I took today, well I am going to try to send them all now. It seems they are too big to send through email so I will set up a drop box and send you a link so you can download them.

I have liked and shared your Facebook page

Dimitri T., New York, NY

The course is great, I learned a lot from you, especially your passion as a gunsmith.
I am looking forward to take another class with you. My plan is to do more practice on my own, then I want to take hunting safety course, trap and skeet shooting.

Additionally, I think some of my friends might be interested in taking private lesson, 4-5 hours, go over rifles basic, gun safety/operations, then go to range.

Jet C., Williston Park, NY

Thanks Mike for everything. I cannot believe how much I learned and probably how much more I need to learn. Hope to see you again. You are a wonderful teacher and person.

Tommy, Nassau, NY

The instructors are superior instructors! They take you thru an extremely detailed class ,that covers, all aspects of the firearm. Laws ,the break down, workings and understanding of your firearm, and will go at the pace that good for you, from new people to guns to some who knows the weapons but wants to improve their Skills. Because YOU CAN ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING NEW AND BETTER!!!!.I have taken this course while I was visiting family back home and it was well worth it! After the 1st part of the class on a different day it's off to the range where they will work side by side with you to improve your skills, tell you want your doing wrong ,and give you a few different options on how to improve ,and you can use what's most comfortable for you. I recommend people take this course for safely and protection of themselves and family home These new skills you learn could be difference between life and death. This course has been a great help to me. I feel I have improved much, and continue to practice. please take this course, for YOUR OWN GOOD!

Nico B., Little River, SC

I Took the NRA Basic Rifle Course with Phase 3. Mike and his staff are amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. The course was well planned out and I learned a tremendous amount of information. If you're looking into getting your first rifle (like I was) or maybe you've been wondering if there is more knowledge you SHOULD know about firearms other than what you've learned from your family or friends (or especially what you've seen on TV), then this is where you want to go. I knew I was going to learn something. I was surprised at just how much I learned. The class was very hands on, interesting and fun. I'm looking forward to continuing my firearms Training in the future. There is no doubt where I'm going. Thanks Mike!!!

William N., Miller Place, NY

Took the NRA Pistol Certification with Phase 3 and was extremely pleased. The class size was small and the teacher had time for all our questions and to tailor his presentation to all our needs. One class member was a complete novice and he was not left behind nor did the rest of the class suffer. Mike Pigno delivered a course that covered all the fundamentals- I am an experienced shooter but new to target pistols and wanted to have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals so I can be safe and effective. His passion and knowledge of the subject was impressive and I learned a lot of things that I never expected to be part of the course- big for me! Students brought their own firearms and were coached individually with their own guns. Safety and best practices for safety was mentioned at least once every 10 minutes. I will be back with friends and family members.

Charles R., Huntington Station, NY

My son and I are very grateful for the expertise, patience and knowledge shared by Mike. I was so impressed with the course and range time with Mike that I even downloaded the yelp app just to write this! It was the first firearms training for my son and he walked out of there with confidence and knowing how to respect and use a firearm. And I also have confidence that my son now knows how to handle a firearm safely. We are both looking forward to more training with Mike and his team!

Brian T., Huntington, NY

I went to Phase 3 Training because I have always been interested but fearful of firearms and I don't believe that anyone should own or use a firearm unless they know how to use them safely. My instructor Michael gave me that confidence! He was very informative and taught the class in a very informative and empowering way, all while stressing the importance of safety first. I would highly recommend Phase 3 Training for anyone who has interest in learning how to properly use and enjoy the sport while learning how important it is to be a responsible gun owner!! Thanks Michael!!

Laurie R., Yaphank, NY

Petrified grown man goes to 2 day rifle course and emerges a relaxed and confident rookie. Thank you Michael for a welcoming and encouraging environment. I would feel perfectly safe to have my son learn under your watchful eyes if he so chooses. You are professional and a gentleman in every sense of the word. This course lays the foundation that no person should be without. If you are fearful of any aspect of firearms I assure you those fears will be put to rest. The safe handling and operation of firearms is taught with respect to all students.

Our class was inexperienced and no matter how much one can learn through other means , such as educational videos and advice from others , none were as effective as this hands on course with a highly experienced instructor. Greeted by you and the other students put any intimidation to rest.

Safety , firearm components , steps of target shooting , misfires, disassembly and maintenance , storage. All this and much more I learned and experienced!

T.R., Wantagh, NY


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