The Premier Firearms & Preparedness Training Company in Long Island New York

Phase 3 Training takes pride in offering the very best firearms & preparedness courses to its students. Phase 3 Training offers a comprehensive range of training courses ranging from beginner to advanced in many different areas.

Let's face it, if you are not comfortable doing something are you going to practice after you leave the course? Absolutely not! We realize everyone is different and our instructors utilize this mind set to empower our students to do the best they possibly can based on his or her physical ability, experience level and comfort level.

We are not the typical school that states this way or that way is the "best" and "only" way to do something, we work with you to find the best and most comfortable way for YOU to do it! We will provide you with the best options to develop your training and help you develop the proper knowledge, skills and confidence.

Phase 3 Training Instruction provides the highest quality training available in the State of New York, which ensures that our students have the greatest chance of success in the future.

We specialize in helping new shooters "take those first steps" by providing quality training in a safe environment that concentrates on the 3 phases of fundamentals, those being knowledge, skills and confidence!