Prerequisites: None

This is an all-inclusive NRA certification course.

This is the full course and there is no “e-learning” or blended learning in this particular course.

This course is inclusive of classroom time, range time, all training materials, targets and certificate of completion, (suitable for framing). The certificate is earned and given to the student upon successful completion of the classroom instruction section along with passing the basics of pistol written examination and live fire range training practical sessions.

This course will cover safety, familiarization of the pistol and its components including both semiautomatics and revolvers, double action vs. single action, proper maintenance and storage, proper basic shooting positions, sight alignment, sight picture, proper breathing, trigger control, types of ammunition, and basic shooting skill development. Lecture portions will also cover cleaning and maintenance of the pistol. Various makes and models will be discussed including polymer vs. metal construction. Differences in calibers and ammunition will be discussed as well. Additional dry fire training will be discussed.

During the range practical session, an emphasis will be placed on safety first. Students will reinforce what they learned in the classroom session and will be able to confidently display and perform the safe handling of a pistol and apply it to the live fire practical portion.

Students will review and perform various shooting positions such as one handed, 2 handed and bench rest shooting positions.

This course is also a requirement if you plan on taking the NRA’s Personal Protection Outside of The Home class. You must take this class before you will be allowed to take the Personal Protection series of courses. Many states require this course be taken and passed in order to apply for a concealed weapons/pistol permit/license. Requirements vary by individual state.

All Pistol students must be US Citizens at be at least 21 years old.

Valid NY State Pistol License required for all pistol courses.

You will be asked to show your valid NYS pistol license at any pistol courses.

Please bring the following items:

A safe, functioning and reliable pistol that is registered in the State of New York.
Calibers permitted are .22lr, .380, 9mm, 38 Special, 40mm and 45ACP.
Please do not bring any Magnum calibers to this course. In all reality, the most recommended calibers range from 9mm to 45ACP
Eye and ear protection.
A bag/box lunch.
150 rounds of factory ammunition. No reloads or hand loads please!
The course length is 8 hours.

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