Prerequisites: None

This is an all-inclusive NRA certification course. This course is inclusive of classroom time, range time, all training materials, targets and certificate of completion, (suitable for framing). The certificate is earned and given to the student upon succesful completion of the classroom instruction section along with passing the basics of rifle shooting written examination and live fire range training practical sessions.

This course expands upon the introduction to rifle course.

This course will cover safety, familiarization of the rifle and its components including semiautomatic, bolt action and breach loading rifles. Course topics will include proper maintenance and storage, proper basic shooting positions, sight alignment, sight picture, proper breathing, trigger control, types of ammunition, and basic shooting skill development. Lecture portions will also cover identification and location of rifle components and parts as well as cleaning and maintenance of the rifle. Various makes and models will be discussed including styles of construction and design. The differences in the types of rifle actions will also be covered. Differences in calibers and ammunition will be discussed as well. Additional dry fire training will be discussed.

During the range practical session, an emphasis will be placed on safety first. Students will reinforce what they learned in the classroom session and will be able to confidently display and perform the safe handling of a rifle and apply it to the live fire practical portion.

Students will review and perform various shooting positions such as one standing, kneeling, bench rest and prone shooting positions. Shooting positions taught as the student’s physical ability allows. In other words if you cannot physically get into a specific position, you will not be penalized for it.

This course is open to US citizens ages 12 and up and as permitted by local range rules at the particular range that the course is being taught at. NY State laws apply as well. Students of ages 12-21 are to adhere to the specific requirements of the shooting range. Many ranges differ in what size calibers and what types of firearms the will allow minors to shoot. Depending on the range, most often minors are restricted to shooting only 22LR calibers. Again, this is subject to the individual range itself.

Individual ranges must adhere to State Laws at a minimum however, the individual range can make their operating rules stricter than the NY State Laws, and they just can’t allow them to be, for lack of a better term, “weaker” than the State Laws. Parent or Guardian is required to be present during the practical range portion of the course if the parent/legal guardian is not taking the course together with the minor. Additional fees for the parent or guardian during the range practical may apply. If you have any questions regarding any of this, please contact us.

Please bring the following items:

A safe, functioning and reliable rifle that is State of NY Compliant (NY Safe Act Compliant).
Calibers permitted are .22lr and up. Recommendations are to bring a rifle that is comfortable for you to safely and effectively operate. Please do not bring any Magnum calibers to this course.
Your valid NYS Driver’s License or other state of issuance. If the student is a minor please bring a copy of his or her Birth Certificate and student ID.
Eye and ear protection.
Appropriate clothing.
Knee pads suggested but not mandatory.
A bag/box lunch and non-alcoholic drinks.
100 rounds of factory ammunition. No reloads or hand loads please!
Rifles can be rented at an additional cost.
Eye and ear protection can be supplied if needed.
Ammunition may be purchased at an additional cost. If you need to rent a rifle or purchase ammo, please contact us a minimum of 1 week before the class to make arrangements.

The course length is 8 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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