Bored with shooting static paper targets?

Looking to challenge yourself and have some fun doing it?

Our Shooting Gallery & Steel Carnival is a fun event that presents a wide range of fun, steel reactive targets ranging from spinners, dueling trees, double tap dueling trees, poppers, Easter eggs, chickens, rams, ducks, turkeys and many other steel targets including a hostage standoff!

The indoor range is transformed into a fun target rich environment with layer upon layer of steel and reactive targets to shoot, over 60 different steel targets in all! Hear the instant gratification of that “Ping” each time you make a shot! It’s a great time and fun for the whole family!

The weather is never an issue as this event is held at an indoor heated range.

Ages 12 and over. No sandals, flip flops or open toe shoes allowed in the range.

Rifle calibers are limited to .22lr and Pistol calibers up and including 9mm.

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