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Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This course utilizes the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals curriculum and is approximately 5(+) hours classroom plus 2(+) hour range time that focuses on the safe, effective, and confident use of a concealed handgun as an option for self-defense.

Lesson topics include:

Developing a Personal Protection Plan, Statics and Trends Related to Concealed Carry; Defining a Personal Protection Plan; Conflict Avoidance and Situational Awareness; Color Codes of Awareness and Areas to Avoid; Cover and Concealment; Establishing Exit Strategies; How a Permit to Carry Fits Self Defense Firearms Basics: Concealed Carry Safety Protocol; Understanding Semi-Automatics, Revolvers, and Modern Striker-Fired Handguns in the Context of Concealed Carry; Dealing with Firearm and Ammo Malfunctions; Selecting a Concealed Carry Handgun; Ammo Selection Defensive Shooting Fundamentals: Defensive shooting versus Marksmanship/Target Shooting; Shooting Platform Variations and Movement; Aligning the Muzzle to Target; Point Shooting, Unsighted/Sighted Fire, and Flash Sight Picture; Trigger Control and Grip The Legal Use of Force Defining Force; Legal Use of Force; Deadly Force; Where Reasonable Force ends and Deadly Force Begins; Force Scenarios; What Prosecutors Want to Know; Defending Home and Property Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath Fight or Flight; Adrenaline and Endorphin’s; Recognizing Threats; Issuing Commands; When Left with No Other Choice; When Right to Use Deadly Force Ends; Immediate Aftermath; Phone Calls to Make; When Police Arrive; Statements to Police; During and After your Arrest Gear and Gadgets Holster Types and Holster Retention; Belts; Flashlights & Flashlight Holds, Flashlight Employment; Weapon Mounted Lights and Lasers; Firearms Storage Basic and Advanced Skills Creating a Training Program; Dry Firing Disciplines, Skill Development Drills, What’s Next? Course of Fire Live-fire drills implementing the skills taught in this course utilizing various concealed-carry scenarios. Approximately 150 rounds.

Course Length: At least 7 hours

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