This class is centered predominantly on the carbine and modern sporting rifles. This class will cover the different stances, methods of movement, shooting from kneeling/prone positions, shooting around cover, distance shooting drills, transitioning to your secondary firearm (if properly licensed) and multi-target acquisition drills. As your pistol will be used minimally during the class, (if properly licensed), taking Pistol 1 prior to this class is not mandatory, but it is “strongly” encouraged. Other course content that is covered includes reloads, malfunction drills, various shooting positions, and introductions to several different skill drills including shooting on the move, weak side shooting and shooting from barricades and cover, multiple threat drills, rapid fire drills, and various others which will include both paper and steel targets, including our famous “double tap dueling tree”. We are the only academy in the North East currently offering and using the famous “double tap dueling tree system”!

You do not need an AR-15 style rifle for this class as we can accommodate whatever platform you bring however, a semi-automatic style carbine is recommended and will work best for this class and will not leave you wanting more from a less than desirable platform. Suitable choices are an AR-15, Ruger Mini 14, Ruger Mini 30, M-14, SKS, VZ 58, AK-47, AK-74, Sig 556, Ruger 556 or M1-A1, or other similar carbines ranging in caliber from 9mm to 30 caliber.

Required gear:

-Eye Protection
-Ear Protection – electronic head phones with a microphone strongly recommended
– A safe, functioning and reliable carbine/rifle. Please make sure your carbine is zeroed so that you do not take away precious course time from the rest of the class, think of it as a common courtesy and proper range etiquette. Recommendations are for a 50 or 100 yard zero.

Recommendations are to bring a rifle that is comfortable for you to safely and effectively operate. If you hold a valid NYS Pistol License and want to use your pistol in transition drills, please bring your pistol license to the course.

-Appropriate clothing that you can easily move in and that is comfortable
-3 Checked and working magazines, (5 is recommended)
-Magazine Pouch (Chest rigs and vests are ok)
-Sling- suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical type preferred
-300 Rounds of Carbine Ammunition (no reloads/hand loads please)
-Handgun (if licensed)
-2 checked and working handgun magazines
-50 rounds of handgun ammunition (no reloads/hand loads please)
-Suitable Belt
-Clothing adequate for weather and allows for movement (pants preferred)
-Hydration source or none alcoholic beverages in a cooler
-Lunch (refrigeration is unavailable so use a cooler)

Nice to have:

-Sunscreen and/or bug spray if training in the summer
-Hat with a visor

Course Length is approximately 7 hours

This is not an NRA approved course.
This is a Phase 3 Training, Inc. exclusive proprietary course designed by Phase 3 Training, Inc.
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